Are these unmanned machines necessarily bad?  Does drone technology really need to be a weapon system?  What if we can apply our inherently intuitive minds to apply these machines for the good?

To start with what is a drone?  The word drone is actually not an object at all but a sound.  The name was given to the first unmanned aerial vehicles because of the low humming sound it made.  From there the name basically just stuck! The more acceptable name is a UAV, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.  Certain vehicles are more adaptable to certain applications.  UAVs built in the typical fixed wing aeroplane configuration are much more suitable for long range missions where vast areas must be covered.  These aircraft can be applied to search and rescue missions, area mapping, surveying and various forms of data collecting.  Fixed wing UAVs are successfully applied in certain countries as search tools for missing mountaineers and hikers.  Once the hiker is located a manned helicopter with a rescue team can be dispatched for the rescue.  This operation saves time, money and obviously lives.

In terms of smaller or more confined operations the more common form of UAVs are the multi rotor variant.  These aircraft are powered by four to twelve small engines mounted in the vertical.  These machines afford the operator the added advantage of being able to hover.  This becomes especially valuable when accurate equipment dropping, photography or confined space operations are needed.  Along with the ability to hover the multi rotor UAV also adds the ability of slow flight which are often used for crop dusting missions, cattle and game counting and the dramatic video footage so often seen on television.

Just like washing machines, duct tape, microwaves, super glue, and canned food, maybe the time has come for the next great military invention to make its way into every day civilian live?  Maybe the time has come to utilize UAVs to save and protect lives instead of blowing craters in foreign countries?

Either way we look at it, let us use technology to the advantage of prosperity and safety.  Then, once it is all done, we sit back, relax, and wait for the next great military invention!