Simuflight added a new exciting rating: the Boeing 737!

Week 1

  • RVSM
  • GPWS
  • CFIT

Week 2

    • Air systems
    • Anti-ice, Rain
    • Automatic Flight
    • Communications
    • Electrical
    • Engines, APU
    • Fire Protection
    • Flight Controls
    • Flight Instruments
    • Flight Management
    • Fuel
    • Hydraulics
    • Landing Gear
    • Warning Systems

Week 3

  • Performance & Planning
    • Weight & Balance
    • MEL
  • Cockpit Procedural Training
    • Understanding the FCOM/FCTM
    • MCP & FMC, EFIS
    • Normal procedures
    • Performance
    • Checklist philosophy
    • Non-normal procedures
    • Flight profiles
    • Cockpit Procedural Training

Week 4

  • Simulator sessions
    • Normal Operations, FMC, Steep turns & Stalls, Visual Approach
    • Normal Operations, Auto-pilot, LVP, CAT I & CDFA
    • Non-Normal Operations, RTO’s, One-engine Inoperative
    • Normal and Non-normal operations
    • Non-normal Operations, Flight Controls and Hydraulics
    • Air-conditioning, Pressurization & Systems
    • Electrical & Fuel
    • LOFT
    • Base Training

Course Availability

  • The Simuflight B737-NG Conversion Course can be booked on request
  • Pre-booking for this course is mandatory
  • We need a minimum of TWO attendees to start a full Boeing 737-NG conversion course

Course Duration

  • The Simuflight B737-NG Course is based on approximately 30 days of training days until completion
  • Course duration may vary slighty due to additional training requirements and equipment availability

Base Training / Type Rating Skills Test

  • The base training phase (Type Rating Skills Test) is completed on a Level D simulator.

Pre-Entry Course Requirements

  • Valid SACAA CPL/ATPL licence or foreign CAA equivalent
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Multi Engine Instrument Rating
  • Class 1 Medical
  • Valid CRM
  • Approximately 1500hrs TT

Pilot Kit

  • When starting your Boeing 737 course a full pilots kit will be issued to you. This will include all the necessary training material needed to complete your training.

Daily Lunch Meal

  • A light daily meal is included for our students who are on the full conversion courses. For a wider selection of choice, there is a nearby shopping centre with a larger food selection where students can go to purchase food.


  • Accommodation can be arranged for our students who have come a long way to attend any courses. Please contact us if you should need help finding accommodation in the Centurion area.

VAT for foreign students

  • Unfortunately South African Tax Law forbids zero tax billing for foreign students.

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