A Brand New B222 Simulator for Henley Air

After 2 years of dedication, Simuflight proudly launched a state-of-the-art Bell 222 simulator at Henley Air on 01 September 2018. On 17 May 2016, CEO of Henley Air Andre Coetzee approached the CEO of Simuflight Alfredo Schultz to ask one question: “Is it possible?”

A beautiful Bell 222 airframe had arrived at Henley Air in Johannesburg from the USA, unfortunately destined to never fly again, something that Andre knew posed the opportunity to transform a negative into a big positive, one that would facilitate an unforgettable milestone in South African aviation.

By September 2017 the project had started, with Alfredo and his business partner, Danie Kuys commencing on the software and hardware development process. The Simuflight team had taken on a massive, world-class challenge with the goal of creating the world’s first fixed-based Bell 222 state-of-the-art simulator.

Unfortunately, within the project’s first year, Danie’s prognosis with his battle against cancer became more and more challenging, a heart-breaking tragedy. However, Danie was as determined as ever to conquer both his illness and the massive project on the company’s hands, working tirelessly for the duration of 2017 throughout his treatment. In June 2017, Alfredo and Danie made the decision to hire an additional software developer, Raphael Eschmann, who took on a supporting role for Danie’s work.

On 5 January 2018, Danie tragically passed away surrounded by his family, proud to have been part of this incredible project until the finish line was in sight. Alfredo and Raphael embraced the mission ahead- to complete everything as efficiently as possible, despite suffering such a great loss.

By July 2018 all advanced systems of the Bell 222 had been successfully coded and implemented, with only the QTG’s left to complete. The team worked relentlessly on perfecting the execution of the project for Henley Air, delivering the simulator built into the original airframe in the middle of August.

SACAA confirmed that this simulator is of international standards, a magnificent FSTD-H FNPT II machine built to offer the very best in fixed-based flight simulation training. It features a 250º horizontal field of view graphic display, a fully-integrated autopilot, flight director and Garmin 530 GPS, RNAV capability, the latest X-Plane 11 software instalments, advanced weather system displays and extraordinary visual systems. This SACAA FSTD-H FNPT II MCC simulator technical standard is based on European JAR STD3H requirements, which makes this project one that all South Africans can be truly proud of.

This is Simuflight’s 36th simulator delivery to date, with previous milestones including a Bell Jet Ranger, R22, Beechjet 400, C208, B200, B1900 and many more simulators delivered and based across Southern Africa.

This new simulator, now based at Henley Air at Rand Airport is approved to assist students in obtaining initial multi-engine helicopter and Bell 222B/UT type ratings, helicopter instrument flight rating and helicopter multi crew cooperation (MCC) ratings.

Henley Air hosted a spectacular launch event for this simulator on 01 September 2018, titled “The Night of the Classics”, which included an 8-minute fireworks display, a duo of Spanish guitarists, an in-house pianist and opera singer and the opportunity for all 200 guests to fly the simulator.

This project has opened many international doors for Simuflight, offering the South African aviation market the opportunity to expand across borders and oceans, conceptualizing new additions to the limited amount of helicopter simulators available for training in the world. We look forward to Simuflight’s future endeavors and will keep you posted on the latest developments.

Simuflight’s Latest Creation | A Brand New B222 Simulator for Henley Air

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