Multi-crew coordination (MCC) course is very important to do if you are looking to get your ATPL or applying for a job where they operate multi-crew. Our MCC course is presented by instructors who have thousands of hours’ experience in multi-crew operations and they want to impart all of that with you.

The duration of our MCC course is 7 working days and consists of

  • 1 Day MCC Ground School
  • CPT (Cockpit Procedure Training)
  • 20 hours on our fixed base simulator including line orientated flight training

Pre-Entry Requirements

  • Valid SACAA CPL/ATPL License or Foreign CAA equivalent
  • Instrument Rating
  • Class 1 Medical
  • Valid CRM

Course Availability & Duration

Our MCC course is usually scheduled on request. Pre-booking is essential for our course. We need a minimum of TWO attendees to start a MCC course.

Our MCC course is based on 7 working days of training until completion. The course duration may extend due to weather, additional training and equipment availability.

Pilot Kit

When starting our MCC course you will be issued with a standard pilot kit that will include all the training material needed to complete our course.

Daily Lunch Meal

In our course we also include a light daily meal for our students who are on our full conversion course.


Accommodation is available for our students who have come a long way to attend our course. Please contact us if you should need accommodation in the Centurion area.

VAT for foreign students

Unfortunately South African Tax Law forbids zero tax billing for foreign students.

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