Online Pilot Training Courses

We offer several ground school courses online, which our students are encouraged to use – especially during this time of Covid-19 lockdown.

Study Online

  • Technical ground school on the  C208, BE20, B190,
  • Initial Technical ground school on the  C208, BE20, B190,
  • Recurrent Performance and Weight and balance,
  • Initial Performance and Weight and balance,
  • Recurrent CRM  and Initial CRM refresher
  • RNAV ground school
  • P1 Upgrade ground school
  • ATP Upgrade ground school
  • Turbine Instructors

Course Availability & Duration

Our online pilot training courses can be started at any time and require a minimum of two attendees.

Training Material

All online training material will be provided as part of the course. Please contact your offices with questions regarding any specific course training material.

All online pilot training course material belongs to Simuflight and is subject to copyright.

VAT for Foreign Students

Unfortunately South African Tax Law forbids zero tax billing for foreign students.

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