Performance Based Navigation (PBN) specifications are such that an additional requirement for on-board navigation performance monitoring and alerting is referred to as a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) specification. One not having such requirements is referred to as an Area Navigation (RNAV) specification.

PBN & RNAV/GNSS Ground-School

  • Day 1 – Ground school and CPT (on RNAV trainer)
    • Full Instructor lead theory ground school
    • Performance Based Navigation Theory (PBN)
    • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
    • Area Navigation (RNAV)
    • Required Navigation Performance (RNP)
    • Approach Procedural Theory
    • Examination Assessment
  • Instrument Rating Required

PBN & RNAV/GNSS Procedural Training

  • Day 2 – Simulator training in the Seneca
    • 2 x RNAV Approaches
    • Cockpit Preparation and Setup
    • Multi Crew Co-ordination
  • Day 3 – Test in the Seneca simulator with a DFE


All Simuflight ATO Courses are SA CAA approved. Contact us on +27 11 314 0152 should you have any queries.

Course Availability & Duration

Our PBN & RNAV/GNSS course is usually scheduled monthly. Pre-booking is essential for our course. We need a minimum of FOUR attendees to start a course.

Our PBN & RNAV/GNSS course is based on 1 – 2 working days of training until completion as indicated above.

Daily Lunch Meal

In our course we also include a light daily meal for our students who are on our PBN & RNAV/GNSS courses.

Training Material

When starting our PBN & RNAV/GNSS course you will be issued with the required training material to complete the course.


Accommodation is available for our students who have come a long way to attend our courses. Please contact us if you should need accommodation in the Midrand and surrounding areas. Alternatively click here to consult our accommodation page.

VAT for foreign students

Unfortunately South African Tax Law forbids zero tax billing for foreign students.

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