The simulator is currently under development and is being designed and built to meet the SACAA FSTD-H FNPT II technical requirements. These are based on the European JAR STD3H requirements.

Being type specific to the Bell 222UT and its derivatives the simulator is built into an original B222UT fuselage utilising the passenger compartment for the instructor’s station. The simulator is equipped with the latest state of the art 240° horizontal field of view cylindrical visual system. Helicopter MCC and night vision training capabilities are being investigated as part of this project.

 Other Simulator Features

  • Digital Aviation Stack
  • Annunciator Panel
  • 3-way Aviation Intercom
  • LCD screen Instructor Station
  • Governor Simulation
  • Turbine engine start and operation failures
  • Hydraulic System Failure Simulation
  • 240° Direct Projection Cylindrical Visual System

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