Designed and built to meet the SACAA FSTD-A FNPT II technical requirements. These are based on the European JAR STD3A requirements.

Being type specific to the Cessna C208 Caravan the simulator is built into an actual cockpit fuselage section, the flight deck of the C208 replicated in form, feel and function.

Other Simulator Features

  • Turbine engine start and operational failures
  • Digital Aviation Stack
  • Autopilot with electric pitch trim
  • HSI and ADI
  • Annunciator Panel
  • Hydraulic Toe Brakes
  • Dynamic Control Loading
  • 3-way Aviation Intercom
  • Choice of 140° or 240° Direct Projection Flat or Cylindrical Visual System
  • Automated QTG System
  • 2 LCD screen Instructor Station
  • Provision for future limited motion
  • De-Ice and Anti-Ice Systems
  • Weather Radar
  • Touchscreen controlled system failures

Two Specific Flight Models Included:

  • C208A
  • C208B

No physical cockpit reconfiguration is required to switch between flight models. At the touch of a button the flight model is changed, complete with re-configured type specific instruments on the instrument panel.

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