Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) skills are typically not required for the Private Pilot License (PPL) and the initial Commercial Pilot License (CPL). However, as soon as a pilot does a type rating for an aircraft that is operated in the multicrew environment, he/she will benefit from the MCC endorsement and be more proficient when the ATPL test is taken. Proficiency in MCC becomes vital when crew are exposed to a much more complex and fast-paced environment.

One therefore needs to develop the art of working well and in harmony with another pilot as well as cabin crew and all other resources that contribute to the operation of the flight. These skills can be learned through the completion of a good MCC course.

MCC forms the backbone of modern Airline Training, as it is concerned with ensuring that all crew members are aware of what is expected of them, their tasks and their performance as laid down in specific Standard Operating Procedures for the various phases of a flight.

The purpose of Multi Crew Cooperation is to train pilots to work as part of a multi-crew flight environment. It teaches the crew how to communicate in an efficient, concise, and effective way using standard phraseology. It also provides a well-structured environment where the crew is immediately aware of their duties and areas of responsibility during normal operations but even more during abnormal and emergency situations. That is why MCC relies heavily on the cooperation and synergy of all members to make the crew a much more efficient and productive team.

Flying larger aircraft and being in a more complex and fast paced environment, MCC helps the crew with optimum decision making, effective communication, task sharing, use of checklists, mutual supervision, team work and support throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions ultimately enhancing the safety of the flight in all aspects.

The Multi-Crew Cooperation Course is offered either as a standalone generic course or integrated into a specific type rating training program. It is a necessity to embrace the benefits of MCC and to attend an accredited course before testing for your ATPL as MCC is a SACAA requirement for the ATPL test.

Multi-Crew Cooperation

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