U-Dream Global – Cape to Cairo challenge

At one point or another, many of us may have stumbled upon an idea or a premise for a potential life-changing project. Perhaps something that is seemingly impossible, a so-called “moon shot”, only to abandon it for the realities of real life. Imagine, then, making these ideas a reality while still being in school!

At the age of 13, Megan Werner published her first book, “It’s up to me, 7 ways to make a difference”, which on its own is a brilliant accomplishment but what’s even more spectacular is what followed;

In early 2018, Megan founded U-Dream Global, a non-profit organization and ambitious aviation outreach initiative that fosters visionary thinking, inspiring young people to pursue their dreams while promoting and supporting innovation, technology and entrepreneurship as necessary key drivers for Africa’s development and transformation.

Under the guidance and supervision from The Airplane Factory, U-Dream mentors and five team leaders from Denel Aviation, twenty inexperienced teenagers from diverse backgrounds across South Africa, built a Sling-4 aircraft in a highly controlled environment within three weeks in June 2018.

Megan and several teen co-pilots plan to fly the light aircraft across the continent from Cape Town to Cairo and back whilst stopping over in 9 countries to inspire the youth and shed light on the aviation industry. As they fly, the teen co-pilots will be joined by a support plane which will fly with their aircraft throughout the trip. The support plane will be piloted by experienced reputable pilots with extensive aviation experience. The support pilots will handle weather decisions, flight planning, fuel planning and general risk, and help the teen co-pilots make timely, informed decisions that support safe approaches and landings.

The CEO of Simuflight, Alfredo Schulz, is proud to have made his state-of-the-art simulators and training resources available for the U-Dream Global- Cape to Cairo challenge to provide Megan and the co-pilots with experience additional to what you would obtain from a Private Pilot License, thereby making sure they will be prepared for anything in the journey that lies ahead.

Suffice to say, she is making big waves in the aviation industry with this record-breaking flight, being the youngest person to fly a self-built aircraft over such a vast distance. U-Dream plans to record this journey and turn it into a TV series. You can be part of their journey by helping with funding towards fuel and over flight clearances. U-Dream Global is a non-profit organization that depends entirely on monetary donations, materials, and technical guidance from corporate and individual sponsors. Without the generous support of their sponsors, the Cape to Cairo Programme would not be successful and have the desired community impact.

For a prospective partnership opportunity, visit www.udream.co.za

U-Dream Global – Cape to Cairo challenge