Seneca III Simulator Delivery

By December 11, 2018 No Comments

In June 2017 Simuflight was approached by Eagle Air, a flight training school based at Wonderboom airport in Pretoria. They placed their order for a custom-made Seneca III simulator, something that our team was very excited to create for them.

Our team decided to challenge themselves to create the first Seneca simulator to feature X-Plane 11 software. It was not an easy task but it was a successful one, offering the latest software integration and visual displays on the market.

This simulator features a 240º horizontal field of view graphic display, RNAV-capabilities, a fully-integrated autopilot, flight director and GPS, advanced weather system displays and offers a turboprop flight model for MCC (Multi-crew cooperation) training.

Our Simuflight team delivered this world-class machine on 4 October 2018, which included hours of preparation, packaging, loading and transporting it from Midrand all the way to Pretoria. Once there, all QTG (qualification test guide) tests and software integration had to take place in time for the SACAA test flights, which meant that key members of the team spent most of the week in the simulator until the early hours of the morning.

Eagle Air hosted a spectacular launch event to celebrate their new simulator, which is now available for training in the Eagle Air hangar at Wonderboom airport. We look forward to seeing many students and future pilots enjoying their training on this custom-made machine.



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